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Edited by Dagmar Cats, Michiel Dehaene, Loes Veldpaus, Jacob Voorthuis, Mark Wolffe
Designed by Jac de Kok
120 and 64 / 225 x 225 mm / two paperbacks in dust jacket
price € 24.50
ISBN 978 90 6450 750 2
published 2010, available

Architecture.ehv is a yearly publication in which the Department of Architecture, Building and Planning at Eindhoven University of Technology reports on the educational state of play there. It showcases the best graduation projects of the past year in architecture, building physics, building technology, structural design, design systems, urban design, construction engineering and technology and real estate management. To these the yearbook adds a pull-out section of essays by teachers and students that attest to the department’s intellectual climate. Ralph Brodruck explores the work of Hermann Schmitz and interprets his New Phenomenology as contributing to a reflection on tectonics. Bruno De Meulder and members of the Urbanisms research group reflect on the historical development and redevelopment of the Phillips grounds in Eindhoven as a mirror of 20th-century urban design. Jacob Voorthuis expresses his interest in the way buildings behave. Gijs Wallis de Vries probes the significance of orthogonals in Piranesi’s Vedute di Roma. Sara Jordão assesses whether architecture can contribute to the role of prisons as places of rehabilitation. Thomas Krijnen reads the analogy between music and architecture as a protocol for developing an architectural concept. An essay by Michiel Dehaene opens the proceedings.

ISSN: 2212-6503